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With in-depth research and contingency service models cleverly combined, our clients and candidates benefit from the rigour we apply to our work. Arguably this takes time, but is valuable to negate risk when hiring and provide a clear picture of how quickly candidates are likely to perform in their role.

We deliver tight and selective shortlists, and meticulously prepare candidates for interview, evidencing suitability in the immediate term and potential to deliver long term. We find the best fit for both candidates and clients we choose to represent.


Contingent Hires

Our teams work day in, day out to identify the top performers in their respective fields within real estate, property and construction. We are well researched, well networked and inquisitive. The integrity of our database demonstrates the worth of our business and we work hard to protect our brand of excellence in everything we do.

All candidates represented by York Street have been interviewed, reference checked and their professional qualifications verified. That’s the easy stuff. Our consultants are comprehensively trained on different interview techniques. We delve further and explore every possible risk and opportunity. As a matter of course, all candidates undertake psychometric profiling, which allows us to really get under the skin of their career aspirations and challenge these in accordance with their natural behaviours and tendencies. 


Advertised Selection

An advertising campaign for single or multiple hiring requirements is a great opportunity to extend your firm’s brand and make the market aware of just how fabulous and exciting your company is.

York Street is highly experienced in producing compelling campaigns to ensure you are seen as an employer of choice in a hugely competitive market. Our consultants then engage with applicants directly to talk through their potential suitability before inviting them through a formal assessment process, that is tailored to be an extension to your own business and shares the same cultural feel for a seamless integration and onboarding of top talent.


Assessment Centres

We work closely with clients to create and develop a compelling job description. Within this phase we build qualifying criteria and agree how prospective candidates will be assessed.  Our shortlisted candidates are then presented, evidencing their suitability against these elements.

York Street facilitates specific technical testing where relevant at no additional cost, including numerical and verbal reasoning, for example. These results, in addition to competency based interviewing and psychometric assessment help to build a more rounded picture of candidates and how well they are likely to perform in their new environment. For candidates, our honest and diligent approach to assessment helps them address any training and experience needs so they are well aligned to achieve their long-term career aspirations.


Salary Benchmarking

Our consultants are at the front-line of the market, so when it comes to understanding different salary and reward structures on offer, we can give you the lie of the land and suggest some out-of-the-box ideas too.

Different reward structures motivate different characters, but with an understanding of the various personality types you employ, we can give you a steer on what attracts and motivates the best performers in the market.


Contract & Interim Hires

Time is of the essence, but this doesn’t mean you can afford to take a ‘that’ll do’ attitude when it comes to appointing individual(s) or team(s).

We work with a select number of highly regarded contractors. We don’t run a contractor payroll, but we facilitate an introduction and pro rata fees aligned with the agreed contract term. 

More recently we have started working with some top professionals who are exploring the gig-economy way of working. Having worked on some of the most interesting projects in their respective sector, they are now looking to move away from a permanent, full-time role and are exploring several opportunities to build a portfolio of work. We’re evolving with the job market and exploring new horizons in partnership with the best.


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