How We Are Different

York Street hires only the best. Our consultants are intuitive, resourceful and highly engaged. We are responsive and like to talk directly, suggesting solutions outside of the norm at times because we want to understand all the various factors in order to create the best possible solution.


We are professional, inquisitive and we go further

York Street works hard on really getting to know our clients in real estate, asset management and property so we can make well aligned and valuable introductions.

From their market position to corporate culture and commercial vision, we get under the skin of how our clients see candidates fitting in. We ask all the right questions until we get a complete picture and everyone understands each other’s needs. That’s why some of real estate’s leading organisations work with us - we cut to the crux of who is needed and why - and together, we build the brief.  

With a substance over spin approach, we agree the specific assessment criteria and nail down the critical skills required. At York Street, we ask intelligent questions and challenge briefs until they are precise enough to cut 90% of candidates from our selection process.

It’s quality over quantity every step of the way. Time is money and we don’t waste it: we get to the point quickly and manage expectations on both sides, right from the start.



All individuals presented by York Street have been thoroughly vetted and assessed to ensure a suitable match. Our knowledge of all facets of the built environment forms the backbone of our meticulous assessment process, which includes competency focused interviewing, intelligence testing, personality profiling and referencing.

“It’s recruitment, not rocket science!” we hear you say. True enough, but there are many moving parts in the hiring process. Only after a thorough examination of the role, coupled with candidates’ motivation, can we present the most suitable candidates to clients – and that’s not an overnight result. For example, we watch for language nuances when exploring motivation and spot where candidates place the most value in a conversation – rewarding customers or customer sales? It’s a difference that can change the dynamic of a team – and ultimately the results they go on to deliver. 

Transparency, honesty and openness are essential for us to deliver the best results. We are experts at handling sensitive information in a professional manner and actions will not be taken without express permission against a defined plan of action. If we don’t believe we can represent you, we explain why and recommend another route forward.  



We’re a straight talking bunch at York Street.  Your time is valuable, as is ours. It’s important that we are open with candidates about their CV, interview performance, and assessment results, preferring to highlight rather than hide areas that need improving. We also challenge our clients’ assumptions or preconceptions over the ‘right’ fit.

This reality-checking takes time and effort and isn’t something every recruiter will do. But we adjust perspectives to avoid disappointment unnecessarily, and give both sides the best shot at success - whether it’s by finding a wonderful new job, or securing a brilliant new member of staff.



We cut to the core of a candidate’s individual potential, ensuring they are placed in the right real estate environment where they feel both fulfilled and challenged. Only then do clients benefit from a business filled with purpose-driven, productive individuals. That’s why we only ever introduce candidates to firms where there is immediate value and excellent potential for a successful fit long-term.


York Street: refreshingly different recruitment in real estate.
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