About Us

Founded in 2016, York Street is a forward-thinking recruitment consultancy with an innovative and tailored approach for the real estate market that is refreshingly different. We offer an elevated level of care and highly-selective specialised services to construction firms, property companies and real estate investors. This way of working negates risk and consistently delivers results that pro-actively support our clients. 

We exist to deliver two things to clients and candidates alike: the perfect brief and the perfect fit. Our recruitment experience shows that details are worth getting right, which is why we’re not volume based, we’re quality focused.

Built with integrity, consistency and creativity, we offer our personal best every time. We generously give time, but never waste it. Each decision we make, and each action we take, enable us to deliver our brand promise to give you our personal best, and find others who do the same. 

By selecting and securing only high-calibre real estate professionals we are able to consistently deliver what we say we will. No ifs. No buts.


York Street: refreshingly different recruitment in real estate.
Get in touch to discuss your requirements and how we might assist on contact@yorkstreet.co.