How to Improve Company Culture

  • April 25, 2022
How to Improve Company Culture

For any organisation to be successful, they need to build a strong company culture. A happy workplace will inevitably witness lesser attrition and stronger individuals and teams. A great product is not enough for the company to thrive in the long run. The employees are the essential building blocks on which any company stands. The more in-tune the employees are with the company’s vision, the greater its chances of success will be.

Here is a list of six simple tips that a company can adapt to improve company culture:

Go team!

If you want to maintain harmony among your employees and keep them highly engaged, many believe you should do away with role hierarchy. It can encourage even accountability on projects, but ultimately you still need team captains, trainers and coaches.  Once employees start taking ownership, total productivity increases by leaps and bounds.

Unnecessary hierarchy or administrative set-ups creates miscommunication and mistrust among employees. Being approachable in spite of position in a company builds an atmosphere of trust which brings in guaranteed efficiency.


Stay away from negative reinforcements and build constructive feedback sessions. Never humiliate or compare employees. Try to harness a feeling of family and create a feeling of belonging amongst your team. They will be more than happy to even outperform themselves.

Time-to time commemoration of achievement will boost the energy of the employees. Appraisals should be a fun-affair, something everyone will look forward to rather than fear.

Delegate responsibility

Depending on the special talent of each employee, assign them duties and responsibilities. Once they take up a role that they are comfortable with, they will yield better results. Shower them with your trust and assert that you recognise their potentiality and ability.

Interference of a delegated task is uncalled for. But continuous encouragement and giving helpful guidelines before the onset of a project does wonders for the employee's performance.

Team-building exercises

Though strong individuals are necessary for every company to succeed, it is the team that reaches the ultimate goal. The more your employees feel they all are part of a bigger picture, the harder they will try to contribute towards the company. Recreational activities meant for teams not only create bonding among employees, but puts them at ease with each other.

Take suggestions

There is no better way to show your employees how valued they are by asking for their opinion. Take their input into account and make necessary amendments. Remember they are the ones doing the actual job and are the best people to know what should be done or what needs to be done.

Trust in remote work

Employees love to stay at home and get their job done. As long as deadlines are met, and team members attend scheduled meet-ups, all should be OK. Flexible working hours creates a great workforce that is highly dependable. It is no longer always necessary to track work hours or physical attendance at the office. Only take into account job deliverance and commitment of the employees towards the work they are doing.

Each company has an identity of its own, each employee contributes to this identity. Having a positive company culture is a huge part of its identity. Spend time with your employees and build your culture incorporating them.

An honest appraisal of your company culture is not only important for your existing team, but also those you are looking to attract. York Street engages with clients on competitor market and employer brand reports to help them understand the general view of their firm in the market. It’s this sort of intel that can help you tackle attrition issues and or correct marketplace gossip that may be tipping you up before you even get the chance to sit down for interviews.